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Service Area

Since 1974, Wittenbach has provided the highest quality professional service for our customers. We are committed to providing an unmatched level of service and exceeding our customers’ expectations. With over 120 highly trained service professionals throughout our service area, we can ensure rapid response to your service needs.

The WBS Corporate Office is located in Sparks, MD. Our Sales and Service footprint spans from northern Ohio and Pennsylvania to Florida. We also certify and manage sub-contractors to expand our coverage when needed. Our Regional Distribution Centers in Hunt Valley MD, Charlotte NC, provide over 60,000 square feet of climate controlled warehouse space and allow for prompt emergency replacement of mission critical equipment such as drive-ups and deal-drawers.


Administration, Finance, HR, Service Dispatch, Q&P, IT, Solutions Center

Hunt Valley Operations Center

Warehouse, Technical Support, Installation Services Group North, Service North, Regional Education Center

Charlotte Operations Center

Warehouse, Lockshop, Installation Services Group South, Service South, Regional

Education Center









Contact Service

Please click here to access the WBS Portal, email us at, or call 800-638-8618 for service inquiries.