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Wittenbach Business Systems cash handling & security solutions Team photoWittenbach has provided world-class cash handling, physical security, and electronic security since 1974. Over 200 employees strong, we service customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. Our list of satisfied customers ranges from individual stores to financial institutions with over 1,000 branches.

We specialize in strategic partnerships with financial institutions and retail establishments to deliver state of the art money processing and security solutions. The driving force behind our growth is a commitment to listen to our clients and quickly deliver the right solutions to make them successful. 

With uncompromising integrity to our customers, employees and the company, we deliver quality money processing and security solutions. Our core values of integrity, a sense of urgency, and teamwork are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be the premier provider of money processing and security solutions for financial institutions and retail organizations on the East Coast.

Our success has come from creating a culture founded on putting customers first.

– Roger A. Wittenbach, Chairman

Map of service area for Wittenbach Business Systems cash handling & security solutions

Service Area


Administration, Finance, HR, Service Dispatch, Q&P, IT, Solutions Center

Hunt Valley Operations Center

Warehouse, Technical Support, Integration Solutions Team North, Service North, Regional Education Center

Charlotte Operations Center

Warehouse, Lockshop, Integration Solutions Team South, Service South, Regional Education Center

Orlando Operations Center

Warehouse, Regional Sales Office, Florida Integration Solutions Team & Service

Core WBS State

Subcontracted Services

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